Turn Any Porcelain Plate Into A Knife Sharpener

For a kitchen buff, next to his/her hands, their knives are the most important tools in their kitchen.  Since they are so important they get the utmost attention.  There are a few rules for a maintaining great knives….1-always wash them by hand….2-never put them in the bottom of the sink…3-never scrape the blade on your cutting board….and most importantly 4-ALWAYS make sure they’re sharp.

knife sharpening hack3

A sharp knife allows you to work better and faster.  If you don’t have a sharpener, a plate or mug works just as well.  A ceramic plate or mug has an unglazed ring on the bottom that makes it ideal as a sharpening tool.  Simply take your knife and angle it at about 20-25 degrees to the edge and run it along the ring a few times on each side.  This is a hack many chefs use.  This method works because the grittiness of the unglazed part of your plate can smooth the irregularities in your knife and help maintain the edge similar to the steel.

knife sharpening hack4 knife sharpening hack1

A couple of words of caution though: Always run the knife in the same direction and don’t lie the face of your knife completely flat against the rough edge of porcelain or else it’ll get scratched.  The American Chemical Society shows that you can use something as simple as a plate, a mug, or really any porcelain serving ware as long as it has a rough edge on the bottom in a youtube video for their Reactions Channel.


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