Tuuli Armor – The Tornado Shield

If you live where tornadoes are common, then  you should invest in this new product.  The company Tuuli Armor has designed the Tornado Shield, the world’s first mobile, puncture resistant tornado protection for individuals and families.


On an average in the US, tornadoes cause 70 fatalities and 1500 injuries each year.  The most common injuries are soft-tissue wounds caused by flying debris due to high winds.  Entrepreneur Steve Anderson, based in Missouri, where tornadoes are common decided to invent some sort of protection from tornadoes when you don’t have a basement or storm shelter to hide in.  He wanted to make something affordable and highly puncture resistant.  After months of research and testing he came up with the Tornado Shield.


The shield is made of ballistic nylon, which was invented by the military to protect soldiers from flying shrapnel.  Numerous tests were conducted with various objects.  An object that penetrated 3 and ½ inch thick pieces of plywood could not puncture the layers of ballistic nylon and padding used in the Tornado Shield.  This should be used anywhere and everywhere safe rooms are not, such as hallways, bathtubs, closets, or even when you’re on the road.

tornado7So when you don’t have access to a safe area, you zip yourself into the Tornado Shield and then lie down  in the safest place you can find.  Each Tornado Shield is large enough to hold two adults and a child, so not every family member needs their own.   We hope this big bag that you climb into protects people from the injuries that can come up during a storm, but we would like to emphasize that the Shield is not crush resistance.


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