Twitter User Claims to Have Tamed Japanese Hornet

Japan sure is the land of weirdness and we have witnessed some really bizarre news coming from the Land of Sun, however, this particular post deals about something that is strangely unique. How many of you are aware of the Japanese giant hornet? It is one of the largest and quite aggressive insects from all over the world. The hornet is two inches in length and has a stinger that measures in at 1/4th of an inch. It is capable of reaching speeds of about 25Mph and claims almost 40 lives in Japan every summer owing to its powerful and poisonous stings. Why are we talking about this hornet? Because Twitter user Mikuru625, a Japanese guy, claims to have tamed one.Tamed Japanese Hornet5

So he basically posted pictures of the hornet on Twitter with a leash around it and claimed that he has been able to tame this insect and calls it his pet. As per Mikuru625, he was able to catch the hornet by making use of a butterfly net and then held it with tweezers while he removed the poison sacs and sting. Afterwards, he looped a string around its thorax and now the insect follows him wherever he goes. He says; ‘He does bite occasionally but it doesn’t hurt.’Tamed Japanese Hornet4

In order to back up his claim, Mikuru625 has tweeted a number of pictures where the hornet can be seen crawling around his fingers and his smartphone. It does appear harmless and the leash is visible as well. Speculations say that unless he managed to come up with a model of the hornet or unless the hornet is dead, this might be the real deal.Tamed Japanese Hornet

Twitter users, however, are tired of his claims and have bluntly refused to believe him. According to one Twitter user; ‘These hornets are the nastiest, most aggressive insects in the world. Even without a sting they’d try to bite you to death. There’s no way they could be pets.’Tamed Japanese Hornet2

Another user commented; ‘I can’t help having a sneaking suspicion that the hornet might actually be dead.’ Whether that’s true or not we can’t say it for sure, but we do know that when provoked the Japanese hornet injects venom directly into the nervous system via its stinger and damages the tissues of the victim. It is known as one of the most lethal creatures in Japan, so Mikuru625, we advise you find another pet ASAP.


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