Unique Drain Heat Exchanger – The EcoDrain


Today’s world is all about preserving and re-using, right? Scientists are trying to find preserve sources of energy and coming up with more and more enhanced techniques for recycling. It only makes sense to see gadgets being introduced that work by helping us use otherwise what would have been wasted energy. For instance; The EcoDrain makes use of the hot water that goes to waste via drain to pre-heat the incoming cold water and therefore reduces the power required to heat this cold batch of water.

EcoDrain2 EcoDrain

Wait a minute, aren’t there other gadgets that do the exact same thing? Yes, you’re right, there are in fact a number of such gadgets that perform the same task of employing the use of outgoing water (hot) to warm the incoming cold water, however, what sets the EcoDrain apart is its peculiar design that accounts for easy installation and effective results. The currently used drain heat exchangers need to be installed vertically and this means that not every home can make use of them and even if they want to there would be a lot of work required in order to achieve that.


The EcoDrain is a peculiar drain heat exchanger that because of its unique design can be used at any place. So what exactly is different between traditional drain heat exchangers and the EcoDrain? This unique gadget has a horizontal design; this implies that it can be placed right after the floor trap and can make use of the discarded water when it’s hottest. Also, the traditional drain heat exchangers require a longer stretch of vertical piping to work; however, this gadget is capable of working in a lesser stretch and horizontal setup.


Although this heat salvaged from the drain water won’t be enough to heat up the cold water up to optimum level, but it sure will reduce the hot water that you’d be required to mix with it. This subsequently results in power saving. The EcoDrain doesn’t require electricity and comes with no moving parts. If you look at it, you’ll notice that it is a double walled pipe, that is to say that it is a pipe contained within a pipe. The cold water enters the interior pipe and the outer pipe is employed for the hot water to pass through (in the opposite direction). This helps the drain hot water to surround the cold-water intake pipe completely without entering it at any time (we don’t want to pollute the fresh water now, do we?). The end result is cold water pipe being provided heat from all directions – uniform heating.

However, the best part of the design for the EcoDrain comes now, in order to not let the cold water just rush by the pipe without taking in as much heat as possible, a number of baffles are incorporated that result in turbulence creation, which in turn makes sure that the water stays long enough to get heated properly.


The gadget has been in development for quite some time now, however, the designers disclosed that the gadget was able to earn US building code approval in December, 2013 and hence has been officially launched during the last few weeks. EcoDrain comes with a price tag of $439.95 and as per the claims will return 17-43% of the investment per year depending upon the varying energy costs. This information can be presented in terms of shower time as well; EcoDrain will render you capable of taking a shower for 33% longer while using the same amount of power that would have been used for the original shower time without employing EcoDrain.

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Unique Drain Heat Exchanger – The EcoDrain

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