Chinese Researchers Introduce Mind Controlled Car

We have been hearing and reading a lot about driver-less cars and while they look amazing, there’s something about delegating the entire control to the car that just doesn’t feel right. If you agree to this then you’ll understand why we are so excited about the Chinese research team that has created a car that can be driven by making use of mind-control technology.Use Mind Control To Drive This Car Created By Chinese Researchers 3

The project makes use of brain computer interface (BCI) systems and the driver has to wear a special headgear that is capable of capturing brain signals that will be used to control the car. The researchers belong to the Nankai University and they made use of 16 electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors to capture signals from the driver’s brain. These signals were then fed to a computer system that selected only the relevant signals and then translated them into controlling commands for the car. The commands include driving forward and reversing the car. The team further claims that this technology can be used for driving the car forward, revers, lock and unlock the doors while also for braking.Use Mind Control To Drive This Car Created By Chinese Researchers 2

The technology sounds really geeky and awesome but it is not the first time it has been used. Apart from other uses of this technology, recently McLaren also introduced a concept Formula One race car known as MP4-X that would eventually incorporate the brain computer interface technology to allow the driver to control the car by wearing his helmet only.Use Mind Control To Drive This Car Created By Chinese Researchers

Apart from driving the car, the technology is being aimed at helping out those with disabilities and we really hope that one day it achieves the breakthrough that it has the potential to achieve.


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