Useless Machine In A Can – Fun For Everyone

Would you buy something that does absolutely nothing?  If you’re interested in building something that is constructed using high quality parts but does nothing when ready then this new creation by Inno Technix called the Useless Machine in A Can is what you’re looking for.

useless can1

The Useless Machine In A Can contains 45 pieces that you assemble without soldering to create a fun mechanism.  You might ask, why would someone want to do this?  The product involves a lot of technical assembling for those who like that sort of stuff.

useless can3

The first useless machine was invented by MIT professor Marvin Minsky, while a graduate student at Bell Labs in 1952.  The concept is now 62 years old, using the same principle but in a modern way.  It has a circuit board that includes all the logic of the mechanism, so you don’t need a soldering iron to assemble the parts.  Most of the assembly is done with a simple screwdriver.  The main parts of the mechanism are made of high quality aerospace aluminum.  We reckon teenagers would love to create this fun Do-It-Yourself Useless Machine In A Can.

useless can5

The basic objective of the creators was to make a fun product that everyone could enjoy.  It might be the beginning for someone interested in electronics or robotics.  Once can will cost you $42 CAD now, once it reaches the markets there’s no telling how much it will retail for.  Sometimes it’s fun doing something for nothing.

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