VetiGel Is A Miracle Worker That Stops Serious Bleeding

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The solution to stop serious bleeding has been discovered, named as VetiGel, this plant-based gel was created by Joe Landolina, a 22 year old, who came up with the product at the mere age of 17. This product is believed to stop bleeding within 12 seconds only.


CEO and Co-Founder of Suneris, a Brooklyn Biotech Startup, Landolina stated that the gel is already being used in veterinary clinics. He said that the gel can be applied to skin, open wounds and soft tissue as well. According to Landolina’s interview with Bloomberg, this gel is the “Lego building blocks for the body”. He termed it as building blocks because in this case the polymers are obtained from the cell walls of a plant and these are then used to accelerate the blood clotting in three different ways. Firstly, it closes the wound, hence stopping the bleeding immediately. Then the gel accumulates platelets, concentrates them in the region and blood clotting is facilitated. And in the third step, Fibrin production is stimulated by the gel, which is a coagulation-related protein and results coagulation process that is remarkably fast and stable.


The VetiGel is not yet considered ready to be used in humans. But according to Suneris, this is not far. And as soon as this point is achieved, the VetiGel’s initial primary market will be the assistance of Military Personnel and EMTs that treat serious traumatic injuries. VetiGel will be soon available to assist is animal surgery by stopping the bleeding during animal surgeries. Those interested in testing VetiGel can contact the Company, using the Company’s Website.

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