Vintage Ads that Just Shouldn’t Have Happened!

Advertising comes in all shapes and sizes; even the ones that don’t really fit anyone!

There are more bad advertisements doing the rounds than good ones, and some take it to the next level with raunchy tag lines, unintentional (or may be intentional?) puns, misogyny, racism and what not!

The ads today can be horrible, but if you think the *classics* were any better, here are 19 vintage ads to prove otherwise:

19. The General Tire

Vintage Ad 1

Because nothing defines a tire better than a Disney Movie.

18. Andres Baby Duck Wine

Vintage Ad 2

So that’s what inspired Joey and Chandler!

17. Waistline Charms

Vintage Ad 3

Because spring wear deserves better women.

16. Mr. Leggs Slacks

Vintage Ad 4

Doll to Doll carpeting, anyone?

15. Van Heusen Tie

Vintage Ad 5

Nothing says Macho more than a diskette patterned tie. Nothing.

14. Wm.Penn Cigar

Vintage Ad 6

And they lived happily ever after.

13. Coca – Cola

Vintage Ad 7

Who needs water?

12. Vitamin Donuts

Vintage Ad 8

Why aren’t they making those anymore!

11. Goodyear Lifeguards

Vintage Ad 9

‘Cuz trust me, your son doesn’t need saving!

10. Candy

Vintage Ad 10

Wait, isn’t that why you DON’T buy it?

9. Marlboro

Vintage Ad 11

Won’t you, mama?

8. Condoms

Vintage Ad 12

Equally effective both Day and Night, fellas!

7. Learn to Train your Wife Booklet

Vintage Ad 13

Your wife needs obedience training, you know. May be they left a self-help book. “Ok Google”!

6. BPA Fun Center, Bowling Ad

Vintage Ad 14

Because there’s nothing more fun to do.

5. Road Safety

Vintage Ad 15

Or I kill this kid. Go ahead. Try me.

4. Tomato Ketchup

Vintage Ad 16

What, are you crazy, a WOMAN? No way.

3. Syphilis Alert

Vintage Ad 17

It’s ALL her fault. Her being the operative word here.

2. Old Spice

Vintage Ad 18


1. Reo Cologne

Vintage Ad 19

Gay Men – 1, Straight Men – 0. Ad industry – Infinity.

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