Vive will Let your Friends know if You Partied too hard and need Help

Partying too much could be hazardous to your health. While intoxicated you wouldn’t be able to make rational decisions which could lead to life threatening situations. Being under the influence in an unfamiliar environment can reduce your ability to protect yourself and make safe choices. Students from the University of Washington have designed a device which automatically alerts friends if something may be wrong.Vive wearable tech3

“Vive” which means ‘life’ is a project designed by the young for the young. This project was the winner of the “best product concept” at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit Design Expo 2014. Basically this project is designed to reduce, if not eliminate sexual assaults of college students due to excess alcohol consumption and one’s inability to make the right decisions. So, you must be wondering how this works. The idea is to wear a fashionable looking band or bracelet that has an alcohol sensor and monitor for dehydration installed in it. In the case that the wearer faints, they would not have to press any buttons for help. The sensors will do all the work. The designers imagine that Vive will keep friends in contact via Bluetooth and with other bands in a social group. It can also be connected using Wi-Fi and GPS to allow friend to know the location of others in the group in the event that an alert was to arise.Vive wearable tech2

Certain hand gestures will alert others of your position and whether social dangers are affecting you. The Vive team envisions to keep friends connected directly band to band. Though being aware of your surroundings is the best to do but sometimes partying too hard is unavoidable. Students have many things in common; they study and work hard and they like to party hard in their free time. The aim is to reduce potential social dangers. It’s designed to protect students without having to party any less. Vive amplifies social contracts and reduces the chances that an individual will be separated from the safety of their social network when they’re under the influence of alcohol and are particularly vulnerable to the situation they’re in. Hopefully Vive will intervene before wearers are isolated from their friends.Vive wearable tech4

There has been no announcement as to when a prototype might be available or a price if it ever reaches the commercial market. The group of designers would like to see this launch at any event where alcohol was being served. Vive wearable tech5 Vive wearable tech6Though the concept of this band is absolutely mind blowing, the concept will be tackling some very difficult points which technology has not yet covered. Predominantly, in a world with billions of sensors, how will we make sense of all of it? Although prevention is best way to go, but intervention of Vive might save many lives.

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