WearSafe Tag Is The Protection for a lifetime

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A simple accessory that does the task of locating its user and letting people know about their location at a single touch. The Wearsafe Tag adds a layer of security for its user. As this allows the user to quickly and silently communicate their location to family and friends. An extra feature added in this gadget is the audio transmission that it allows the user. An audio is pushed to contacts, through the connected smartphone.


The Wearsafe Tag uses Bluetooth low energy to link up with the companion app. At the launch the tag will only work with Iphone 4S but Android support is promised by the end of the year.

The Wearsafe Tag provides one-touch connectivity to its users. This adds a layer of security for the users, the product specifically targets the hikers, travelers and students. According to the company, the user will not have to carry their smartphone along with them in the pocket all the times, the gadget works for up to 200 ft (70 m) range.


When the user pushes the button on their Wearsafe Tag, this sends an alert through the Wearsafe Tag to a selected list of contacts, these contacts receive a text message, an email and a screen notification, this alerts them about the user’s GPS location and provides the audio notification that has been recorded by the user. This also initiates a private chat between the user and the contact and the Wearsafe Tag on the user vibrates silently to notify the user that the contact has checked their sent alert. The Wearsafe Tag vibrates every time a contact opens the alert to respond to the request.

The user can specify which list of contacts should get the alert based on different conditions at the moment. That is, a user can specify who to contact for late night emergencies and who to contact at different times and scenarios. The device that is water resistant and rugged is also small and inconspicuous, and can be clipped unto clothing or worn around the neck.


The Wearsafe Tag runs on coin cell battery. Hence no frequent charges are needed and the user is notified after the cell has ended and a new battery needs to be installed. According to the company, a single battery will run for approximately 6 months.

Previously we’ve seen products similar to this one, but the feature that makes the Wearsafe Tag unique is its ability to transmit audio recording of the user’s surrounding.

This Wearsafe Tag is not the only product the Wearsafe Company are designing, they are actually planning to design Wearsafe as a safety platform and are planning to launch this technology for Pebble Smartwatches, with support for Garmin wearables, Android wear watches and the Apple Watch will follow. For the services the users will have to pay US $5 monthly.

The company is seeking crowdfunding, with their target set at $75,000, the company has just managed to get to $38,000 with 34 days left. The backers will need to pledge $40 for a single Wearsafe Tag, the advantage however is that they wont have to pay the monthly fee. If everything goes as planned, the company will ship the tags out this coming September.


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