What These Babies did While Sleeping will Make you Smile – Captured by Sandi Ford

A photographer based in London, Sandi ford who take pictures of newborns just recently released the cutest pictures to celebrate Mother’s Day and the coming of Spring.

newborn17 newborn16 newborn15 newborn14 newborn13

newborn7 newborn6 newborn5 newborn4 newborn3

These images of sleeping newborns will melt your heart.  Sandi is an expert when it comes to capturing the smiles and laughter of newborns.  Sandi says she loves taking photographs which capture someone’s personality.  The award winning maternity photographer runs Bumps, Babes and Beyond Photography which is located in Ealing, West London. She says “My aim and my passion is to create great photographs that will make you happy for years to come.”

newborn12 newborn11 newborn10 newborn9 newborn8

In this heart-warming collection of pictures the babies are captured snooking peacefully on super soft rugs and blankets.  Sandi shoots newborns who are only a few days old.  The photographer is a fan of natural light and says she like to focus on the little details, fagility and tenderness of a newborn baby and encourages parents to use props and personal or sentimental items to provide a unique and personal touch to the pictures.


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