Will You Take The Leap Of Faith Here?

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Adventurists tend to find the most bizarre places in the worlds, some of which classify as beautiful AND beasty at the same time.

Jacob's Well 10

In the State of Texas, U.S. lies a treacherous under water ravine that is the center of awe for everyone alike. Known as the “Jacob’s Well”, this submarine well is as deep as 130 feet and is visible above the surface of the Edwards Acquifer in the form of a springy, moss lined gaping hole. This well is a karst spring in the bed of the Cypress Creek, about 12 feet at its mouth and snakes below the surface of the bed into ravenous depths.

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Open-water divers frequent the depths of the cave, which extends in the form of two conduits, 4300 and 1000 feet respectively. Many enthusiasts have lost their lives, giving rise to strict regulations for exploring the cave. Surface explorers, nonetheless, frequent the well in throngs and Jacob’s Well remains a primary attraction for Wimberley visitors and settlers alike.

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