WIND TREES: A Prototype To Conserve Energy

Energy conservation is a one of the most important goals nowadays.  A French company has developed a prototype “Wind Tree” that generates power from air currents.  Marketing for the invention will begin next year.

wind tree2

The founder of the Parisian company, NewWind, Jerome Michaud-Lariviere explains that the tree uses tiny blades housed in the leaves that turn in the wind, regardless of its direction and it is completely silent.  The tree can generate electricity on twice the number of days as a conventional wind turbine because it generates power on winds of as low as 4.5 mph.

wind tree1

The 25 foot tall tree consists of a steel trunk, from which extend branches holding 100 plastic leaves.  The prototype has been ‘planted ‘at the telecom City Pleumeur-Bodou.  The Wind Tree costs about 23,000 pounds per unit and is profitable after two years.  Eventhough more electricity can be generated by wind turbines standing at over 50 meters, the wind trees will solve the problem of attractiveness and location.  NewWind’s team is set to install a Wind Tree prototype at the Place de la Concorde in Paris in March 2015.

wind tree3

Lariviere hopes his ‘Wind Tree’ will one day be used domestically.  For now he hopes the tree can feed electricity to LED street lamps, or charging stations for electric cars.  He also wants to be able to develop a perfect tree that has leaves with natural fibers and roots that could generate geothermal energy and bark covered with photosensitive cells.   NewWind’s scope is to take advantage of kinetic energies and transform them into electricity in a clean and sustainable perspective.

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