With ROTO, Say Good-Bye, Lumpy Drinks!

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A team from Netherlands found a problem: protein drinks that are an important part of many people’s fitness regimes get lumpy, fast. A quick fix to save the stress and have you on your way to a healthy routine (and stick to it!) is a must. In comes the drink saving gadget, ROTO – the mobile powder shaker.

Roto Powder Shaker (5)

Roto is a bottle just like any other fitness bottle. But in its base is a an electric motor that shakes at just the push of a button. At 240 mm tall and mere half a pound heavy, the bottle can holds 680 ml of liquid. Its electric motor, fitted in the base of the bottle, is removable and rechargeable via an accompanying USB port and wire. It ergonomic shape makes it easy to carry and shake!

Roto Powder Shaker (1)

Roto Powder Shaker (1)

This gadget makes easy powder shakes on-the-go. With just the push of a button, a smooth, lump free shake is ready for you to gulp between workouts.

Roto Powder Shaker (2)

Clean up easy: just remove the motor and wash the bottle without any worry.

Roto is set to release in 4 different colors. To launch the product, Roto team is reaching out through a crowdfunding campaign that starts on Kickstarter on July 23, 2015. Backers are going to receive early bird offers to book their own Roto bottles right away.

Roto Powder Shaker (4)

Roto Powder Shaker (2)

Source: Team ROTO

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