Woman Creates ‘Star Trek’ Enterprise Themed Basement for $30,000

One woman from Quebec Canada took ‘being a fan’ to a whole other level.  This 51 year old Canadian woman goes all out with her love for the original “Star Trek” and Starship Enterprise.  The DIY project she undertook turned out to be quite amazing and wonderful.

star trek themed basement1 star trek themed basement2 star trek themed basement4

Line Rainville of Joliette, Quebec wanted to redesign her basement so she thought it would be cool to incorporate a 1960’s series theme.  After consulting with interior designers and decided to make her basement look like the Starship Enterprise.  Ultimately, she created the designs on her own, including measurements.  She spent over a year planning the smallest details and searching the Internet for the weird props.  She pretty much recreated the Enterprise bridge, transporter room, recreation room, and observation deck.

star trek themed basement7 star trek themed basement3 star trek themed basement8

Each and every room were carefully planned and replicated.  From the panels surrounding her flat screen TV to the multi-level chessboard, intricate elements were included.  Only a hardcore fan would place a blanket on the end of Spock’s bed in his quarters.  Not only does the bathroom have an Enterprise themed arch, it features a Starfleet insignia in the shower.  The living room is the focus focal point of the Star Trek themed basement.  It’s done up like the Enterprise bridge, it has red handrails, a faux ceiling skylight, widescreen TV as the bridge view screen, and a cut out of Spock.  Even though Rainville is a lifelong fan of the show, she didn’t begin collecting all the items until she began her home.  “I had bought a tricorder and a phaser and a communicator for sure, but I had to buy a lot of things when I really decided to decorate my basement like that….It’s a childhood dream.

star trek themed basement10 star trek themed basement9

She became addicted to the show at the age of 9.  She used to wait to watch it with her father.  Now she enjoys watching old episodes in her Enterprise themed home theater.  The renovations set her back $30,000, but that’s worth it for the amazing DIY basement that she’s created, isn’t it?

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