World Highest Resolution Camera is 1.8 GigaPixels, and it’s watching.

ARGUS, the world’s highest resolution camera is 1.8 gigapixel, attached on a UAV it can hover over any area for 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Equivalent to 100 Predators looking a the same place it is, it covers 15 sq. miles. Any place can be zoomed and live feed can be seen, with everything that is moving tagged and tracked. From men waving their arms, to birds flying around. It streams live and everything is stored, a million terabytes of video a day. That is 1,000 exabytes for 24 hours, meaning 11.5 terabytes per second. Just imagine how do they stream 11.5 terabytes per second? What medium are they using?

Watch the video below to understand the technology.


Basil Rafiq

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