As Halloween is approaching and the fear of Zombie attack is emminent, a Leeds company has designed the world’s first ‘zombie proof’log cabin called the Zombie Fortification Cabin. You’re probably asking, Really??….yes, Really!! Tiger Log Cabins, which is based in Rodley, has announced that it is selling its Zombie Fortification Cabin ZFC-1 this Halloween to guard against all forms of zombie attack.


Priced at £69,995 with an added £12,995 for installation, the offer comes with 44 mm extra thick timber walls, protected slit windows with toughened double glazing and has a garage with roller shutter doors as a place to store a military vehicle or getaway car. Spit into three separate buildings surrounded with barbed wire, the ZFC-1 also comes with food storage to last the duration of a zombie apocalypse, a weapons storage area, a kitchen area with microwave, living space with TV, Xbox, and Sound system turntables, interior garden, and an upper deck with a 360 degree vantage point to keep a lookout for the zombies.

zombie2 zombie3

Ross Moran, managing director of Tiger Log Cabins said, “We want to be at the forefront of log cabin designs and developing a side project such as the ZFC-1 really projects our forward thinking approach.” The company has not yet sold a ZFC-1 but has had enquiries from all over the world. Moran says “Obviously it’s a bit of a joke but the cabin is buildable, so if we get someone who’s genuinely interested and has the money we would keep to our word and go and build it for them.”


The ZFC-1 also comes with a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee so if a zombie penetrates this Fort Knox you can claim and get your money back.   You can also opt for extras such as water cannons, riot protection suits, and flamethrowers but it will cost a bit more. For those not convinced by the product, Tiger Log Cabins’website features reviews from customers and a digruntled zombie called ‘Roger the Rotter.’

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