World’s Largest Swimming Pool


At the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile, a quick dip in the pool could well turn into a marathon.  This private resort is home to the world’s largest swimming pool, stretching a little over a kilometer.


This little baby is filled with 250 million liters of sea water.  The water is pumped by a computer-controlled suction and filtration system and treated before entering the pool.  Fernando Fishmann, owner of Crystal Lagoon is the brainchild behind this pool.  It took almost five years to construct and it’s said to have cost approximately US $1.5 million.


This swimming pool covers an area of 20 acres.  The sun warms the water to 26 degrees Celsius which is 9 degrees higher than the sea.   The record breaking dimensions mean visitors can paddle or sail their way around the pool instead of swim.  It comes complete with artificial beaches and lakes.  Per annum, almost US $4 million is spent on maintenance alone.


The crystal clear water allows you to see the bottom even at the 35m at the deep-end.  There are many things for guest to do to enjoy this vast span of paradise.  Water sports such kayaking, jet-skiing and yachting are just a few.  largestpool6If those things don’t float your boat then you can hang out with friends on a giant inflatable lilly pad, with a trampoline and slide.  Fischmann said with the engineering involved, his company could build “an impressive artificial paradise”.  largestpool5He also states that it will always work as long as they have access to unlimited seawater and it causes no damage to the ocean.  This man-made paradise is definitely a place to see.

World’s Largest Swimming Pool

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