The X2 underwater jet pack

S.C.P. Marine Innovation cooked up a cool little gadget in their kitchen. The X2 underwater jetpack is a propulsion system that allows divers to give a rest to their legs or will allow, as the product is in its concept stage and requires funding (according to the sources it is only 31% funded).x2 underwater jetpack Simon and Chris Parke, two brothers that founded S.C.P. Marine Innovation revealed little about the product that potentially will allow the divers to maneuver in the water with ease not to ignore its military, scuba and deep sea diving applications as well. The propulsion system, X2 underwater jet pack, can be worn on arm and is equipped with latest technology as regards to batteries (lithium batteries) along with digital motors and wireless control system. It is said to be fast and manoeuvrable and is also capable of generating strong vectored thrusts that amplify movements of diver’s arm.

The X2 underwater jet pack costs a pretty penny; it is estimated to lighten the wallets by $5,700. Here are a few pictures of the proposed underwater jet pack.

x2 underwater jetpack



The finished product is designed to look as follows


x2 underwater jetpack


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