Yayoi Kusama’s Striking Exhibit, “Give Me Love” At NYC’s David Zwirner Gallery

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Internationally famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama attracts many art lovers every day.  Continuing her collaboration with David Zwirner Gallery, this year’s latest show called “Give Me Love” has proven to be a great hit.

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“Give Me Love” is split into several portions. The exhibit’s centrepiece called “Obliteration Room” is what draws the crowds every morning.  Originally an all-white pre-fabricated house, complete with white walls and ceilings, white furniture, even white coats hung on hooks near the front door, the piece invites viewers to enter with a sheet full of polka-dot stickers in varying sizes and stick then onto any surface they see fit.  The result……dot crazy.

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What is really interesting is not the dots found on common areas, like walls and kitchen appliances, but the stickers in the room’s most inaccessible place, behind the couch, on the furthest corner of the ceiling, or under the table.  The exhibit has been open for almost a month, and the room, once so pristinely white, is almost completely gone.

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Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition in New York marks her dedication to art making over the past years.  The gallery rooms at David Zwirner present three dimensional works, participatory pieces, and painted canvasses, demonstrating her work from the past six decades.  Kusama, who completed some of her earliest work in Japan more than 50 years ago, moved to New York City in 1957, where she earned much fame throughout the 60’s.  In 1973 she moved back to Japan, where a failed art dealing business and deteriorating mental health led to her voluntary admittance to a hospital in 1977.  She has live there ever since, going out to her studio to paint.

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Her art has been described as “therapeutic”.  Dots, stripes, zig-zag lines arranged in bright, simple colors merge together in a soothing way.  Kusama says that if it weren’t for art, she would have killed herself long ago.  Her art was her way of coping with her delusions, fears, and weaknesses.


Yayoi Kusama’s Striking Exhibit, “Give Me Love” At NYC’s David Zwirner Gallery

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