You Wont Believe What this Father Daughter Duo Did With LEGO!

A father and his eight year old daughter have created a stop-motion adaptation of Jurassic Park using $100,000 worth of LEGOs to make the sets and cars.  Produced by the Los Angeles based Digital Wizards Studios, the video took three months to make.

Film editor and animation director, Paul Hollingsworth and his daughter, Hailee like building Lego play sets together, so they remade the classic thriller Jurassic Park into a Lego short jurassic park5

The clip begins with the classic Jurassic Park logo, with the Lego touch of jurassic park1

Then our favourite characters were jurassic park2

The father/daughter duo did an amazing job when it comes to re-making the movie’s most memorable jurassic park3

The father/daughter team began the project during their Christmas vacation last year.  Dad wanted to prove to Hailee that they could do “anything” with jurassic park4

Fellow Lego builders lent a hand – and a lot of Legos – to help the pair build the elaborate sets.  “Jurassic Park is one of the best movies of all time. That’s why I wanted to re-create it in Lego,” explained Paul Hollingsworth.

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