You’re In for a Surprise When You Find Out What This Little Fish Does

It is just a little fish, a simple gadget – made of Iron.

Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (1)

Created by geniuses at The Lucky Iron Fish, this little fish helps fulfill required Iron intake. The idea is simple – cook/boil with the Lucky iron fish in the pot, and make your food iron-rich without any iron supplements or other pills.

Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (2)

Iron deficiency, more commonly recognized as Anemia, affects roughly 30% of all the world’s population. According to The World Health Organization, iron deficiency is the top most nutritional disease in the world, and affects around 2 billion people. Not all of these are able to afford iron supplements, or the doctor’s bills that ensue. Iron deficiency essentially means lack of red blood cells, and too few of them pumping through your system causes a number of symptoms/ effects that leave one spent. It is known to cause fatigue, tiredness, loss of productivity, dizziness, shortness of breath etc.

The Lucky Iron Fish is an affordable solution to cure this problem.

Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (21)

The idea took place in Cambodia, where Chris Charles, a PhD from University of Guelph, Canada, traveled to tackle the dooming prevalence of anemia in the country. 44% of Cambodians suffer from this deficiency, and more than 60% of the affected are children. Cambodians earn less than a dollar per day, and a cheap solution was thus important to curb the symptoms. Charles made use of a study that outlined the effectiveness of cooking with iron. The locals, however, weren’t so keen. The reason? Who wants to put a blob of iron into their cooking pots? “Actually almost no one used it,” says Gavin Armstrong, CEO of The Lucky Iron Fish, to whom Charles pitched the idea.

But a reconnaissance mission equipped them with killer information: for Cambodians, fish were a symbol of luck. And that is how the Iron Fish was born. The locals got to not only use the fish while cooking, they began making their own. They believed it brought them luck.

Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (4)

The Lucky Iron Fish is now widely used in the pilot Cambodian province of Kandal and locals make these themselves out of recycled material. It is believed that around 51,000 people have so far benefited from the idea.

Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (20)

Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (20)

Putting the concept of one study entailing that cooking with iron adds essential iron to the food, Charles, Armstrong and their team were able to solve a severely compounded health problem. The usage is easy:

Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (3) Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (5) Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (6) Iron Fish Heals Iron Deficiency (1)

Nothing does geeky better than simple, but an awing discovery, in science.

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