ZANO: A New Meaning to the Term ‘Selfie’

We live in a society where taking selfie is the hottest thing to do.  Instant pictures of where you are shared with your friends and family within seconds.  This is where Zano comes in, it’s an autonomous drone that’s small enough to fit into your hand, and is equipped with a camera for aerial photography.


From the Wales based aerospace and defence technology firm, Torquing Group, Zano is an ultra portable, personal aerial photography and HD video capturing autonomous device.  Zano connects directly to your smart device, iOS or Android via WiFi and enables you to instantly begin capturing and sharing precious moments.


There are numerous sensors working together to allow Zano to avoid obstacles, hold its position and know exactly where it is in conjunction to your smart device.  Simple gestures control the device.  Tilt your phone or tablet left or right, forward or backward and Zano will follow.  There are on-screen slide bars to control rotation and altitude.  It also has a ‘follow me’ capability which means once you set Zano’s position it will maintain that distance from your smart device and follow you whilst avoiding obstacles that may get in the way.   The drone also has a ‘Free Flight Mode’ which allows a  more precise control through the use of virtual joysticks.

zano4 zano3

The Zano drone measures 6.5cm x 6.5cm and is 55g in weight.  The battery can either be charged via Micro USB while inside the drone or externally through a special adapter.  The drone has a range of 15-30 meters and its flight time lasts between 10-15 minutes.  The company has high hopes for their product and call it a “consumer product”.  The firm envisions a world where policemen have nano drones attached to their belts that can be activated during encounters.  Other applications of the drone include the military, law enforcement, and commercial use.  The Zano will cost US $219 and the company hopes to begin shipping by June 2015.

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